Tourist Attractions - Jeita Grotto

Location: 25 Kilometers from Beirut.

A Geological wonder, the beauty and richness of Jeita caverns cannot be found in other caverns in the world. Touring the lower and upper galleries that stretch over 6200m long inspires a sensation similar to that felt in Medieval cathedrals. Natural sculptures created by water over millions of years takes the visitors to another underground world that was only discovered in 1836.

The upper gallery can be explored on foot for a distance of 750m, which is only one third the area discovered. This cavern was formed several million years before the lower one.
Naturally formed chandeliers, mushroom shaped limestones and weird shaped animals are some of the displays of this amazing gallery.
The lower gallery is visited by boat to a distance of 500m of a total of 6200m explored. This part of the caverns takes you through different levels of formations, with an overwhelming view of sink holes as deep as a hundred meters. The sound of water and the crystal drapes elegantly displayed in the new lighting system is definitely a life-time experience.
Jeita can be reached by different means. The most fun would be by the telepherique to enjoy an impressive sight of Lebanon while hanging a few hundred meters above the ground.