Tourist Attractions - Baalbeck


Location: 85 Kilometers from Beirut.
Era: The Greeks- Hellenistic period (333-64 B.C.)
Other sites to explore:

  • Ras El-Ain: An ancient spring.

  •  Quarries: Where the stones of the great temples were cut.

  • City Gate: Northwest of the Acropolis lies the remains of a Roman city gate.

  • Qoubbat Douris: An octagonal structure composed of eight Roman granite columns.

Baalbek can simply be considered one of the world's wonders. The size of the monuments and the greatness of the temples demand visitors' respect and appreciation.
Baalbeck was originally a Phoenician city that was dedicated to the God Baal. Later on, when captured by Alexander the Great it was named the "City of the Sun". But it was the Romans who built the temples we have in Baalbek today.

Once in Baalbeck, visitors are greeted by the six Corinthian columns of the Great Temple or "Jupiter Temple" (22 meters high) . The Columns were built on a platform located at seven meters above the Great Court. The scale of this massive structure reflects the humongous size of the complex.

The complex of Temples of Baalbeck is made up of three temples. The most famous is the "Great Temple" or the "Jupiter Temple", next to it is the the Bacchus Temple (Photo to the Left) and not too far away lies a circular structure known as the Temple of Venus.
A fourth temple dedicated to Mercury was once part of this complex, but today only the staircase remains.

The Great Temple is divided into four sections: the monumental entrance or Propylaea, the Hexagonal Court, the Great Court and of course the Temple itself. The photo to the right is the structure by the Great Court. A restored altar and a tower are all the remains of the Great Court.